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In 2003 Mike Tyson was declared bankrupt he owed a stretch limo firm $309,000. A year earlier he had spent $174,,000 on a white gold necklace with 80 carats of diamonds. He once splashed out $140,000 on two white Bengal tigers and $1.5 million on four Bentleys in one afternoon.

The staff at Versace in Ceasers Mall in Las Vegas will never forget the time Tyson and his entourage left the shop with $250,000 worth of gear. In 2005 he currently owes creditors $30 million dollars.

n an interview after his final defeat against journeyman Kevin McBride in the Daily Telegraph, he said, "Who am I? What am I? I dont even know. Im just a dumb child whose been abused and robbed by lawyers, Im Just a fool who thinks hes someone."

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