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Phil Connors is a self-centered weather reporter who is experiencing one heck of a day. In fact, he’s reliving this one day over and over again, the same day repeating itself it’s - Groundhog day. Every day is exactly the same in the way it unfolds. Phil knows everything that’s going to happen before it happens. Each day is predictable but also another opportunity for Phil to change. Finally, he comes to care for the people he once disdained. Because he knows exactly what is going to happen he begins helping them in ways that only he knows they need. What he learns is that his divine-like intervention can be a thankless job.

{Video Clip - Groundhog Day - Start: Chp. 23: 01:21:54 - End: Chp.24: 01:23:30 = 1:36}

Most of us are like Phil. We expect gratitude to be expressed and that those who don’t are brats. And yet all of us are guilty of being ungrateful. The more I study the Bible the more I am haunted by how often I take God’s care for granted or how many times I am more greedy than grateful.

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