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What child has not watched with wonder as Mother wielded a needle and thread?

But mothers not only make and mend clothes, they make and mend characters!

To do this sometimes requires “needling.”

The greatest heritage anyone can receive is the influence of a Christian home. But children do not always respond favorably to mother’s efforts. Sin often snares the sons and daughters of the saintliest parents. But a godly mother never gives up. She ever encourages righteousness and redemption.

“Stop needling me, Mother!” If Robert Moffatt did not say it, at least he was thinking it when his mother volunteered some advice as her son prepared to leave home. Earnestly she sought to solicit his promise that he would read his Bible and pray twice daily.

Robert tried to ignore her entreaties. But at the moment of parting his mother once again implored, “Son, please promise me to read the Bible.”

The youth recognized that he dare not refuse. “Yes, Mother,” he replied. “I promise.” Later he explained to acquaintances who inquired about his practice, “My promise once made, must be kept.” So you see, if Mother had not “needled,” South Africa might have missed its pioneer missionary!

Some mothers raise children who serve God from infancy. Others grieve as they see their offspring detour from the straight and narrow. Instead of making, they must then strive to mend. Such a mother was Monica. Her son Augustine broke her heart by departing from the faith and living a life of wild abandon. But Monica would not give up. She talked to Augustine, and she talked to God.

At the last she apparently was successful in dissuading him from sailing to Italy, where she feared the influence would wreck him beyond recovery. He said he would not go, but his cronies persuaded him to sail anyway.

Monica, distraught, feared God had failed her. But she continued praying for her wayward Augustine. And in Italy he met Ambrose, who led him to Christ. God saved St. Augustine in the very place his mother feared to have him venture lest he be lost beyond recovery!

Christian mother, never give up in your efforts to make or to mend your offspring according to God’s revealed pattern.—By Raymond L. Cox, Signs of the Times, May 1988.

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