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There is the story of a Chinese farmer who was a Christian. He farmed the side of a hill along with a few other farmers. One of the most difficult tasks that the farmer had was to irrigate his crop. He had to carry water from a lake below the hill up to his land. The farmer who owned the land below the Christian farmer was not a Christian. He made life for the Christian almost unbearable, because whenever the Christian farmer irrigated his land the non-Christian would knock down the dam separating their land and the water would flow down and irrigate his land. The Christian farmer, wanting to be a good Christian, would swallow his anger and not say anything. As time went on, however, and the behavior of the non-Christian farmer didn’t change the Christian began to harbor hard feelings and hatred began to grow in him.

The Christian thought that the solution to the problem was in his neighbor becoming a Christian also, but the neighbor was unresponsive to the Christian’s words. While praying about the situation God spoke to the Christian, convicted him of his hatred and showed him how he was to love his neighbor. Next time the...

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