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I want to share with you about my Dad as you all know that my dad went home to be with the lord but he left many things behind and one of those was how he him self corrected me and my brother’s

He would always set us down and Talk to us and tell us how he was going to correct us and then he would do it. He would say things like, This is going to hurt me worse than it will you bUt I must do it to teach you right from wrong and its all because I love you so much. and then he would lets us have it.

I know this is a little bit longer than most morning but I feel very led of God to share a story with you about one of those times

My Oldest Brother was 18 years old and he back talk my dad with ugle lanauge and my dad set him down and told him that he was going to give him the worst whipping he ever had in his life. and then he began to take his Belt off as he was talking and then he toke his shirt off and then folded his Belt and gave it to my brother and said son you are a man now but you live in my house and you will still respect me. And while saying that he fell to his knees and put his hands on the back of his head and said "son’ Now you whip me Just as we break the Lords Heart and he toke our pain on himself so it is this day with me and you. I take your strips because I love you. He said with great Pain in his Heart I Just cant do it, Dad Please forgive me for breaking your heart.

May I say now my Brother is 49 years old and still talks about that day with Tears in his eyes. And tells people that, that day changed his life for every.

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