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House Church Growth: A new Barna Group study finds 9% of U.S. adults attend a house church during a typical week, vs. 1% in ‘96. 10% report attending a house church at least once a month. It is estimated more than 70 million adults have at least experimented with a house church. The survey revealed that of those who attend a house church, 27% attend weekly, 30% 1-3 times per month, and 43% less than once a month. Church attendance patterns are being reshaped. Among those who attend a church of any type, 74% attend only a conventional church while 5% attend only a house church. Another 19% attend both and 2% attend a small group that is neither. Interestingly, men are more likely to attend a house church than women. George Barna states,. “Analysts typically find that once a new tool or institution reaches 15% market penetration, and has evidenced a consistent or growing level of affirmation for at least 6 years, that entity shifts from fad to trend status. At that point, it becomes a permanent fixture in our society.” Continued growth and public awareness will firmly establish the house church as a significant means of faith experience and expression among Americans. A new body of spiritual resources is being developed and utilized by the expanding house church community. House church adherents make greater use of Christian radio, Christian books, and online faith experiences than do people engaged solely in a conventional church. (Barna Update 6/19/06)

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