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How many gallons of water are in the ocean?

Answer: 3.612 x 10²º gallons of sea water in the ocean. That is 3.612 x 1 with 21 zeros.

How many stars are in the known universe?

Answer: 70 sextillion (7 followed by 22 zeros) was calculated by a team of stargazers based at the Australian National University.

How many grains of sand are in the world?

Answer: 7,500,000,000,000,000,000, or seven quintillion five hundred quadrillion grains of sand.

Even if these answers are incorrect, here is my point: God’s grace is bigger than all these numbers!


“A large sum of money was given to [a man named] Rowland Hill to dispense to a poor pastor. Thinking that the amount was too much to send all at once, Hill forwarded just a portion along with a note that said simply, ‘More to follow.’ In a few days the man received another envelope containing the same amount and with the same message, ‘More to follow.’ At regular intervals, there came a third, and a fourth. In fact, they continued, along with those cheering words, until the entire sum had been received.

C. H. Spurgeon…said: ‘When God forgives our sins, there’s more forgiveness to follow. He justifies us in the righteousness of Christ, but there’s more to follow. He adopts us into His family, but there’s more to follow. He prepares us for heaven, but there’s more to follow. He gives us grace, but there’s more to follow. He helps us to old age, but there’s still more to follow…Even when we arrive in the world to come, there will still be more to follow.’”

Author unknown. “More to Follow.” Publication date unknown. August 8, 2006.


“Grace is the power of God made available to meet all our needs.”

- Joyce Meyer

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