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The Talmud lists 7 kinds of Pharisees.

1) SHECHEMITE, who kept the law for what he could profit thereby.

2) TUMBLING, who, to appear humble, always hung their heads down & thus often fell.

3)BLEEDING, who, to avoid seeing women, walked with closed eyes & were often wounded,

4) MORTAR, who wore a motar shaped cap covering his eyes to avoid seeing impurities or indecencies.

5) WHAT-AM-I-YET-TO-DO, who, not knowing the law, often asked “What is my duty?”

6) FEARFUL, who kept the law because of fear of future judgment.

7) LOVE, who obeyed the law because he loved the Lord with all his heart (UNGER’S BIBLE DICTIONARY (1957), Chicago: Moody, pp. 854, 855).

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