Sermon Illustrations

Rick Warren, a preacher in California, wrote an article once entitled: “How to keep your profession from being an obsession.”In that article he gave this little test. Here’s seven questions that might help you measure how your are doing in this extreme. See how many you say “yes” to. I’ll give you a gauge at the end. Warren says, Ask yourself.....

(1)“Does doing nothing "drive you up a wall?" I.e., you can’t sit still.

(2)“Do you find it difficult to say "no" to opportunities at work, but not in other areas your life?

(3) “Do you frequently find it difficult to turn your mind off when you go to bed?

(4) “Do people around you frequently tell you, "you ought to slow down." (When they do, do you consider that a compliment?)

(5)“Do you procrastinate about taking vacations?

(6) “Do you find yourself often bringing work home?”

(7) “Do you have to get sick to slow down?”

Now, here’s the gauge: How many did you answer “yes” too? 1-2 - It should throw up some red flags. 3-4 - Borderline obsessive. 5+ - workaholic.

Ecc. 10:15 says: "Work wears fools out; they don’t even know how to get home."(NCV)