Sermon Illustrations

When I tutored back during my high school years, I spent most of my hours at a moderate sized middle school called Elementary. During the two years I did after school programs some of the children became attached to me and honestly enough I became attached to them. Even though the little buggers drove me nuts sometimes, I still loved to teach them and take care of them. I remember one girl in particular name Jerika who would be at my side every single second she could. The last day I was at the school, they had a craft day. Little did I know that most of the kids were making me “going-away” presents. At the end of the day as I put them on their buses to go home, they handed me many different gifts; Picasso type drawings and random art that I couldn’t identify. You could tell most of them had just been slopped together. Little Jerika walked up and handed me a braided keychain. She had placed colored beads on it and everything. It was very obvious to me almost two years later that she had put her whole heart and soul into that little keychain. Not only did she give me something nice but she gave me part of herself as well. I will never forget the little girl with a heart of gold.