Sermon Illustrations

Once in his dream a man was haunted and thwarted by a mysterious, veiled figure. As soon as he had gained a fortune, the veiled form snatched it away from him. When he was about to enter into peace and joy, the veiled figure attacked his mind with fear and anxiety. When he was hungry and sat down to eat, the veiled figure snatched the food away from him. When he was weary and bone-tired and lay down to sleep, this enemy of his life filled his mind with thoughts which ripped away his sleep.

When he stood at the open door of a great opportunity and was about to enter, the hand of the veiled one slammed the door closed against him. When he stood at last at the marriage altar and was about to say his vows, the veiled figure burst into the chapel and loudly protested the marriage.

Enraged, the man cried out to his adversary, “Who are you?” In a move of violence, the man leaped forward and ripped the veil from the face of his tormentor and surprise turned to anguish when the face of the intruder was actually his own.

This dream sets forth such...

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