Sermon Illustrations

Momma growing up would get angry with her children. She would refuse us some requests that we made from her. With feigned tears in our eyes, we would ask, how come we couldn’t go outside? How come we had to do our homework after we got home? How come we couldn’t do like the other kids do – and she would say because I said so. That answer never received an appeal. Her word was law.

But John says, it’s because…

It’s because He first loved us. Could it be that my love toward Him is not a voluntary gesture but it’s a reactionary gesture? Could it be that my love for Christ is reduced to a reciprocal response? Why do I love Him?

He made the first move.

He touched me first.

He was concerned about me first.

He noticed me first.

He wanted my best first.

He wanted to use me first.

He wanted to be my savior first.

He wanted to be my Lord first.