Sermon Illustrations

I read of a young Christian artist who painted a depiction of hell. In the flames he painted the faces of several of his lost loved ones. He painted his lost father crying out in agony. There was also his lost brother, and a lost neighbor burning in the flames of hell. When he showed it to his pastor, the pastor was appalled and disgusted. The pastor said, “What a revolting painting! How could you paint such a horrid picture of your loved ones?” The young artist answered with tears in his eyes, “Yes, it is horrifying… but I painted it as a reminder to me—This is the destiny of my loved ones if they are not won to Christ. When I look at this painting, I am reminded how I need to pray and make every effort possible to win them to Christ.”

Maybe we all need to have such a picture painted on the walls of our heart—A picture of your unsaved loved ones burning in the lake of fire.