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Do you realize that between 1990 & 2001, Christianity in America declined by 8.5%? While Christianity in this country has declined, the number of people who follow Buddhism has increased by over 169%. The number of Muslims in this country has grown by over 109%, and Hindus by 237%. (Figures compiled by AMF, from The Present Future by Reggie McNeal, and the U.S. Census Bureau). Do you realize that in our country, Christian churches spend an average of $1.5 million for every person we lead to the Lord! (Approximate 2002 AD Global Mission Statistics, 07-17-02,

Why does it cost so much? Because we have no sense of urgency about the mission Jesus has given us! We’re more concerned about our buildings and buses, air conditioners and acoustics’, chairs and comforts than we are about leading...

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