Sermon Illustrations

Some of you are familiar with the television show Deal, or No Deal. It consists of 26 cases, each containing a different amount of money. The contestants don’t know the sum of money in each case, and they try to pick the one with the greatest amount of money. They open the cases, one by one, which reveal the amount inside. At certain intervals, the contestant receives an offer from the bank. The contestant must then decide whether to take the deal from the bank, or to continue opening cases. They must choose to gamble on getting more money, to lose money, or to hold on to what they have already. The stakes go up or down as the game progresses. Family members try to get them to take the deal or try for more, as the host continues to press the question: “Deal, or no Deal?”

The enemy of our soul does much the same thing. He holds before us the temporary things of this life, and asks us to pursue these things as ends in themselves rather than pursue the things of God. And the choice is before us all. Are we going to base our lives on pursuing the temporary wealth of this world, or are we going to invest our lives in the unseen things that are of eternal value? The Bible...

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