Sermon Illustrations

Jeff Hartings (Steelers Center) accompanied Steelers chaplain Jay Wilson on a mission trip to Nicaragua in 2004 and said that trip, along with the knee injury he overcame to gain his Pro Bowl status, has changed his career.

“God humbled me with the injury, but over last three years I’ve been able to refocus on Him and honor Him with my play. Every year, I just take it one step at a time if He wants me to continue to play. That’s the way it’s been lately for me and the way it should continue to be,” Hartings said.

“I just want to be a Christian man giving Him the glory. That’s my plan for this game.”

Steelers starting center Jeff Hartings, a former Detroit Lion who was nervous being a favorite target of local media welcoming home a former player, said his faith in God extended even into the media session.

“I’ve been praying every day that I would honor Him and I’m praying now that I don’t embarrass Him during this time,” Hartings said. “I want to give Him His praise all the time and use this time as a platform not for me, but for Him.”

On the road, players often gather in center Jeff Harting’s room for prayer on Saturday nights as a way of staying close in their shared faith.

Two years ago, Wilson took Harting on a mission trip to Nicaragua, where the center picked up the nickname of “Christian Giant” for his big frame and bigger heart in handing out sports gear along with his personal testimony of faith in Jesus Christ.