Sermon Illustrations

A young boy wrote a letter to his mother:

Dear Mom,

For cleaning my room: 25c

For doing the dishes: 25c

For taking out the trash: 25c

For cutting the grass: 25c

Total: $1.00

The mother came home and read the note. She then pulled out the dollar and placed it with his note. She then wrote her own note.

Dear Son,

For carrying you 9 months: No Charge

For staying up all night with you when you were sick: No Charge

For helping you with homework when you didn’t know how to do it: No Charge

For working 2 jobs so you can have those nice shoes and food on the table: No Charge

The son came home and saw the dollar. Then he noticed her note. When the mother came home that evening he said to her, “Mom, what else can I do for you?”

That is grace. That is freedom to help others because you have been given help.