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Repent and Turn

Repent and turn! God calls today;

Oh, do not close thine ear, I pray!

Listen! It is the voice of love –

Grieve not that tender heart above.

Repent and turn! Now is the hour,

The time of God’s redeeming power;

Tomorrow it may be too late.

Just now wide open is the gate.

Repent and turn! Christ shed His Blood

To reconcile thy soul to God!

All has been done; for refuge flee,

Apply the blood, He’ll pass over thee.

As when the ancient Israelite,

Upon that dark Egyptian night,

Put on his door the mark of blood,

And so escaped the wrath of God.

My friend, I plead, do thou the same –

Put all thy trust in Jesus’ Name!

Not all good works, nor prayers of thine,

Can save apart from Blood divine.

But that will save! Before Him bow

Repent and turn and trust him now,

For soon will end the day of grace:

God’s wrath is coming on apace.

(Kingdom Tidings)

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