Sermon Illustrations

One of the guys I know in St. Louis told me this story. He told me that one day he answered the phone and on the other end was a voice that he had not heard in 15 years. It was a friend of his from a very very long time ago calling to apologize for an argument that they had some 15 years ago. They had never resolved their differences. But this friend was finally calling to apologize. After they had talked for a while and shared forgiveness with one another – He still had to ask one question of his friend.

“Why now, after 15 years are you calling me up to apologize?”

The phone went dead for a few silent seconds and finally the voice on the other end said, “I just had a heart attack last month, and my whole world looks different to me now.”

Isn’t it amazing how that when people are taken out of their comfort zones and forced to think outside of the box of their everyday grievances and opinions, that it makes the whole world look different to them?