Sermon Illustrations

Imagine you are at a dinner party; elegant silverware, warm company, great food. At the end the hostess brings out a plate of dessert and stumbles dropping the dessert on the floor. Here’s how each person might respond according to their giftedness: Mercy: "Don’t feel bad, I should of offered to help." Proclaimer of Truth (Prophecy/Preacher): "That’s what happens when you’re not careful!"Serving: "Here, Let me help you clean it up!" Teaching: "The reason the plate fell was because you had all these loaded to one side." Encourager: "You know, that could happen to anybody. You’ll do better next time.” Giving: "Don’t worry about this, let’s go to DQ and I’ll buy dessert." Administration: "Okay, folks let’s get this cleaned up.. Jim, would you get the mop? Sue, pick it up. Mary, help me fix another dessert." You see, our differences = unity! That’s the way it is supposed to work in the church. And my gift shows God’s plan in my life. He knew from the beginning how He wanted to use me.