Sermon Illustrations

There’s a story of a man named Mr. Brown who ran a clinic for rich women who didn’t have much to do. They had been idle so long together that their nerves got the best of them. They imagined all sorts of things wrong with themselves as they grumbled about their aches and pains.

Mr. Brown and his wife were getting rich listening to them and babying them. Then one of the women made a few repairs on her old clothes, and she gave them to the needy. Another woman took notice then did the same. Soon most of them were repairing old clothes. Then, one delivered her repaired clothes and came back excited about how the poor folks had received them.

Then all the women repaired clothes and delivered them to the poor families. And, the result? Mr. Brown and his wife found their clinic empty. Because, the women had found purpose in life. The clinic was no longer needed.