Sermon Illustrations

There is an old legend of a benevolent king who had his men place a great heavy stone on a certain roadway over which all his subjects would be forced to travel. He then hid himself to see who would try to remove the stone only to discover that no one stopped to try to remove the stone, but all worked their way around it, loudly blaming the king for not keeping the roadway clear. Finally, a poor peasant farmer on his way to town with a load of vegetables which he hoped to sell in the marketplace for a profit to feed his family, came to the blocked roadway. In haste, he laid down his load and with considerable effort and loss of time he managed to move the great stone to the side of the roadway. Then, turning to leave, he spied a purse which had been under the stone to which he proceeded to open the purse and found it to be filled with pieces of gold, with a note from the king indicating that it was all to be the property of the one who would remove the stone.