Sermon Illustrations

Last night I got a wild hair around 7:00 P.M. I wanted to fix a mechanical pencil that was broken and refill a ball point pen. These had been broken for the past 6 years but at that moment they were all that I had on my mind. I finished a good 45 minutes later victorious and filled with pride at my accomplishment. I even picked something off the floor with my left hand. No small feat when your hand only makes a claw on most days.

The trouble was that the message wasn’t typed. It was in my mind, outlined on paper, illustrations selected, but not typed. Deb was waiting to do the Power Point and again I had put myself under the gun and unfortunately, her. I had perfectly good reasons. I had spent hours counseling individuals this week. It is something that I don’t normally do but considering the problems were of a life and death nature, I needed to take the time.