Sermon Illustrations

Joe stopped by one day in midweek.

His son wanted to see what church was like so

he was checking out churches in the area.

I showed him around answered his many questions.

His family started coming, got semi involved.

Joe wanted to have lunch.

At lunch he told me he wanted to commit his life to Jesus,

But knew his wife would have none of it.

They were hurt by a church years ago.

He asked if he gave his life over to Jesus Christ – would his marriage be ok?

I wanted to say – yes.

I had to say, if it is true that your wife was hurt by church in the past,

And will have none of this.

Life, most likely will be very difficult

And there is a possibility your marriage will fall apart.

That was that.

I didn’t hear or see him for a few of weeks.

He showed up one Sunday – I asked how it was going,

Joe said he gave his life to Jesus.

I asked him about his family.

Joe said that he realized that what was faith without a risk.

If faith did not carry with it the risk to loose all,

Then it wasn’t faith at all.

Because he had something to lose – he realized his faith was real.

Christ was real.

How cool is that?