Sermon Illustrations

swimming lessons.

When I was about six years old I took swimming lessons one summer.

Remember, what it was like?

I was scared – but it wasn’t so bad.

Start by blowing bubbles, splashing in the pool, Dog paddle,

Pushing off from the side of the pool.

Instructor is always there

Lightly guiding you – that was great.

Best thing is, your feet can always touch the bottom

No matter what happened – you could stand up.

Then one day the instructor led us from the small pool, to the big pool.

We weren’t going to go in the big pool – whew!

We were just going to watch older kids dive off the high dive.

What happened next,

I could close my eyes right now, and relive it like it happened yesterday.

Another kid bumped me and I fell in. I was in the deep end!

Came up for air and sank. There was no bottom. I panicked

I went under came up, went under came up, over and over

Each time yelling for help.

And then I noticed, no one was looking at me – and I saw was too far out for them to help me.

You know there is that moment when you realize your on your own.

And you have to make it alone.

That’s a terrible thing.

Ever had times when you feel like that?

Everything is stacked against you, you feel alone and separated from everything?

In our Scripture this morning Jacob is in a place like that. He has worked 20 years for his uncle who has tried to cheat him at every turn, in many ways, he feels like he is on his own – drowning in circumstances.

But, you know what happened that morning in the pool? Someone grabbed my hand and pulled me out – plunk – dropped me on solid ground – it was over.

I wasn’t on my own after all. In fact I was about 2 feet from the edge.

What a crazy idea, this I’m on my own thing!