Sermon Illustrations

Disney’s animated movie Toy Story, is about a collection of toys belonging to a little boy. Two of the main characters are Woody, who is a stuffed cowboy figure, and Buzz Lightyear who is a plastic toy astronaut. One day Woody confronts Buzz with the fact that he is only an action figure and not a real space hero. At one point in the movie Woody shouts, “You’re not a space ranger! You’re an action figure — a child’s plaything.” Buzz tries to prove him wrong and attempts to fly. But he falls on his face instead and realizes the truth of what Woody has been saying. He is grief-stricken and disillusioned. His pride is broken. Looking depressed, Buzz hangs his head and says, “I’m just a stupid, little, insignificant toy.” Woody sees what he has done to his friend by trying to get him to face reality. But he realizes he has only told him half the story, and he then tries to get him to see a more important reality. Woody says to Buzz, “You must not be thinking clearly. Look, over in that house, there’s a kid who thinks you’re the greatest, and it’s not because you’re a space ranger; it’s because you’re his.” Buzz looks down as he lifts his foot and sees a label stuck to the bottom of his little shoe. There in black permanent ink is the name of the little boy to whom he belongs.

We do not belong to ourselves because we belong to God. And this is the God who has created us...

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