Sermon Illustrations

Crocodile Hunter ILLUS. ( one thing to fight with something another to kill it)

In the news the other day it was reported that the world famous Australian Crocodile Hunter had been killed by a sting ray, really by accident.

I loved to watch the Croc Hunter on the animal planet and other stations, it was amazing to watch him work with the snakes, crocs, and other deadly animals. He knew just how far he could get to the venomous snakes without being bit, well that is often anyway. He knew just how to handle danger, and because of this he was known as a hero and a celebrity. Amazing isn’t it that some one so skilled and knowledgeable could be killed by a accident. They said that it was very rare for a sting ray to behave the way it did, you see for once the animal did the unexpected and a hero died.

Many times as people we play and tempt sin as if to say I have beat this so many times that I know how close I can get. I know my limit says the drunk, until he crashes into another car or person harming himself and others. We think sometimes that we have what it takes to defeat or tame sin, but in the end sin always wins.

The only hero that has ever defeated sin was Jesus Christ. The truth is many fight with sin (addictions) until the day they die, but it is one thing to struggle and fight with sin and another to kill it. Only Jesus Christ can do that.