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My Short lived Hero Career. I grew up in a little town, and there was not always enough excitement near by, so sometimes I would have to find it. One night I decided that our town needed a superhero, and there was no one better qualified for the job as me.

I gathered together all my super hero garb, and gear. I put on my mask, of course you know that a super hero must wear a mask. If my identity were to be revealed my enemies might use that to their advantage and my defeat. At the age of 13 I snuck quietly into my parents room( the poor darlings had know idea of the danger that lurks outside)only to pat them and tuck them in before I went out into the danger and darkness.

I felt like the house was secure. I walked to the window and opened it, only to feel the cold air brush my face as if to say hello, I heard a dog howl and I noticed the lights were a lot more dimmer that what I had expected.

You know I was trained in Martial Arts, I had all kinds of super hero gear, I even had the outfit, but it was as I stood at that window that I realized I WAS AFRAID OF THE DARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe to day you think you are the hero to your situation and you don’t need God, but sooner or later friend you are going to face the darkest kind of darkness and you will discover you are AFRAID OF THE DARK !!!!!!!!!!!

When I walk in the darkness that this life brings, I only feel secure with Jesus as my hero.

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