Sermon Illustrations

Anastasia’s father lost his job-not through a direct fault of his own. As a result of losing his job, the entire family had to leave their nice home and go live in an apartment. After a few weeks living in this rental, they were moved far away and made to live in a small town where it was extremely cold. To add insult to injury, the "owners" of the new abode, removed all time pieces from the family and from the house. They even went so far as to paint all the windows with black paint so the occupants could not tell when it was day or night.

Then, one day the new "owners" of the house told Anastasia and her family that they were going to take a family photo of the entire family and the family was to be dressed in their finest clothes for this photo session.

When the time came for the photo session, the unemployed family was led down the stairs and made to enter a small room. Soon the photographerarrived and had them pose for his camera as a well bred family. At that very momment, gunmen broke into the room and began to shoot everyone with machine guns. Anastasia saw her daddy, her invalid brother, her sister and her mother gunned down before her eyes. Anastasia screamed and darted around the room trying to avoid the barrage of bullets coming at her. The gunmen could not understand why she avoided death for so long when the others died instantly. When she was finally killed, the murderers began examinig her clothes. To their surprise, they found that all of the family’s treasures were sown inside her petticoat in a specially made pouch which was used to carry the remaining wealth the family once had.

The gunmen took the treasure of the family and then carried out the bodies of Czar Nicholas II and his family to be deposed by burning and then by burial in a shallow grave.

The Czar was at one time rich and had great wealth, but the Russian revolution took it all away from him; all the treasure he had left when he was deposed fit into a special pouch made for his daughter’s petticoat for secrecy and for something upon which to live until they could escape Russia.

Unlike the Czar who lost his kingdom, his family and his treasures, God claimed a group of people to be His treasure-first the nation of Israel and now the Church-and His treasure will never be taken from him. We are His eternal treasure.