Sermon Illustrations

Ever watch segments of a marathon race? If you have you’ve probably noticed marathon runners being handed drinks along the way. Usually it’s water, Gatorade or something similar. One thing you won’t find---you won’t find marathon runners guzzling Mt. Dew, Vault or Starbucks coffee during a race because those drink are loaded with caffeine and caffeine is naturally dehydrating. Marathon runners are careful what they take into their bodies because they know that eating or drinking the wrong foods before or during a race can knock you right out of it. Here in our text we have Jesus watching the church at Pergamum. He’s seen how they got off to a good start---but now He’s concerned because they’re beginning to take the wrong things into their body---the teachings of Balaam and the Nicolatians. And in no uncertain terms, Jesus is telling them to stop---before they end up knocking themselves out of the race.