Sermon Illustrations

Families can live in the same house and never see each other. The sad thing is, you wake up to a beautiful HOME, a nice manicured LAWN, two cars in the GARAGE—something you WORKED HARD all of your life to get.

Now the house is COLD, EMPTY, the children GONE and the HUSBAND and WIFE hardly TALK to each other. You wonder where did the PAST go! You can hardly remember when Sally was just a little TODDLER or when little Junior tried to help you FIX the car and you

BRUSHED him aside because he just got in the way.

You ask, “Where did the TIME go? We didn’t SPEND enough time with the CHILDREN. We didn’t grow CLOSER together as HUSBAND and WIFE. We didn’t do what

we had always PLANNED to do as a FAMILY.” Then you EAT your heart out because you didn’t TAKE TIME. You allowed the JOB, the BILLS, the PETTY ARGUMENTS, the FAST PACE of our SOCIETY to DICTATE your family—to ROB you of PRECIOUS MOMENTS that God granted to you but didn’t use!