Sermon Illustrations

My Accident

My life was normal and unexpecting of tragedy when the bumper of a LTD came crashing into my back I had no time to repent like I always figured I would if I would have died it would have been at a moment that I was angry and frustrated and I can't say that I was as comfortable in my walk with God as I would have cared to have been. You see many of us feel like a mediocre walk with God will do. Pray now and then, go to church and act a little concerned but trust me friend in your last moments you will want to be not a maybe, but a sure thing. It happens so fast, as quick as blinking your eye and you are in eternity. The first thing I said when I became conscious again was Oh God. The first thing that I could do, not caring of the large crowd of spectators around me was raise my hands like some of us are so afraid to do and I cried out to my creator.

Cry out now, OH GOD! Raise your hands now! Ignore the eyes of man now! While you have the opportunity to do what is right.