Sermon Illustrations

Copper Wire illustration :

Copper wire can be used for a lot of different purposes, you can use it for a close line, you can bend it and manipulate it around your gate to keep the cows from getting out or whatever but it has much more potential that that. Inside of that copper wire is protons and electrons and when that wire is connected to a power source all those protons and electrons will get in formation and create what is called electric current. Before that piece of wire was bent , manipulated and twisted into all kinds of things, but now friend you better have respect for that thing because when it is connected to a power source it has full potential and if you touch it, it will knock you on your seat.

That is just like you , and I you see before we were bent twisted and manipulated by the deceit of the devil but now when we get connected to our power source, we are going to rock the devils world if he try’s to twist us around now.

Day of Pentecost

Cloven tongues of fire fell on their heads, you talk about getting hooked up! They did signs and wonders when they got hooked up too the source. They began to make a difference in their world when they got hooked up. We need to get hooked up and get electrified in the Holy Ghost .

Short Circuit

When a electrical circuit has a electrical charge it must be hooked up to a load ( light bulb, motor,...

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