Sermon Illustrations

Tim Allen brought to life one the most beloved and most quoted television characters of all time. In fact, he played the man trying desperately to be “a man’s man,” Tim ‘the tool man’ Taylor.

In the situation comedy, Home Improvement Allen brought the bumbling testosterone-addicted ‘Tool Man’ into our living rooms. He taught us to agonize with the plight of man in a society that has decided it no longer wants to be male-dominated. He is the consummate chauvinist – a gear-head out of Detroit with a frat-boy sense of humor and a viking’s sensibility – well, at least what we picture to be a viking’s sensibility. The sports arena, the hardware store, the garage were his stomping grounds – where he was most at home. He even spoke fluent grunt.

And like the typical male, his natural bent was to fix things, whether he knew how to or not. The mental and emotional discomfort that gets stirred up by something that doesn’t work as it should – whether a machine or flesh – is too much for Tim Taylor, as it is for the average male. The urge to fix it, to make all things better, to bring order back to something breaking down into chaos always gets the better of Tim, driving him. And for him the primary means of fixing something is always the same – it needs more power.

We like the word “power,” don’t we? More to the point, we like power. We have power bars, power ties, power walks, power brokers and my personal favorite, power naps. Power is intoxicating, it is stimulating, attractive. Power turns heads and opens doors; it both inspires and...

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