Sermon Illustrations

God tells us in II Co 6:14-16a "Do not be yoked together with unbelievers.” Did He mean it?

"Yes, but I’m going to date him and marry him and lead him to the Lord." Tell me one person for whom that has happened and I’ll find you 20 where it didn’t. "Yes, but I know someone who did it and he became a Christian." You’re right – it could happen. It has happened. I suppose that’s fine if instead of concerning yourself with the Lord’s will in this matter, what you’re interested in doing is setting up your life so that you might beat the odds. I suppose that’s fine if what you want to do is possibly survive.

There have actually been 10 people who’ve gone over Niagara Falls and survived it. You could do that, and possibly survive it. I would still recommend against that. I’m interested in helping people have a better future to look forward to than just "possibly surviving." Listen to God on this matter. Save yourself a lot of hurt.