Sermon Illustrations

Bill, a former corrections office, appears on a radio talk show to share his story with the founders of XXXChurch – a ministry to help people out of the pornography scene. Bill describes the way he was first exposed to pornography at his friend’s house at age 11. He was immediately addicted. After time, he turned to more and more graphic pornography. Years later, unknown to his wife, he became exposed to child pornography and collected it. The FBI arrested him, and he was convicted. He has lost his job, he lost his house and all he owned to pay legal fees, and this month he was sentenced to the equivalent of 9 years in jail. Bill’s assessment of where he’s at? He’s just glad he got caught. He’s just glad he got stopped before it got even worse, and he’ll gladly serve his term in a federal prison where he hopes to form a support group for porn addicts.