Sermon Illustrations

an ethics book from 1973 cites “Playboy” magazine. A woman from Wichita had written in to “Playboy” to get the opinion of its readers on mate swapping. So, “Playboy” published her question as a poll. She asked, “When both partners consent, is adultery immoral?” One Dion O’Glass of New York responded with an editorial. Dion concluded that the first mistake is asking if something is moral at all. He wrote, “individual feelings are the most important thing there is…To realize that each man is a law unto himself is to arrive at an irreducible basis for libertarian thought – the most valuable and needed viewpoint in avoiding the pitfalls of right- or left-wing totalitarianism. Therefore I suggest to the lady from Wichita one rule that eliminates the need for all others: think for yourself.”