Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series
Sermon Illustrations

A little 2 year old girl stands at the edge of a swimming pool frozen. Her daddy is in the water with his arms raised up toward his little angel saying, “Jump; it’s okay princess, daddy will catch you.”

In that moment that little girl feels for the first time the inner conflict that we have all felt time and again through out our lives. On the one hand fear tells her to stay put; the water is cold, deep and dangerous. She can’t swim. She has never done this before. She is the one being called on to risk her life. What if something bad happens?

On the other hand it is not a stranger calling her to jump; it’s her daddy in the water. He is bigger and stronger than she is. So far he has been trustworthy. Daddy who helped her learn to walk; he has always been there to pick her up when she falls, and to wipe away her tears. The smile on his face says he is confident in the outcome of her jump.

What is a two year old to do?