Sermon Illustrations

Here we see that in the midst of spiritual growth, when the number of the disciples was multiplied, a complaint arose. The Grecians, non-Palestinian Jews, felt that their widows were not being treated fairly in the daily distribution of food. The complaint in itself is one which deals with ministry. It is a problem that deals with needs that are being neglected. Thus, the solution as we will see later is one centered on meeting those needs. We must stop here and take note that when we as a body are following the will of the Father we will encounter some rough terrain. When the army of God is advancing the Kingdom of God there will be sniper fire aimed at the unity of the brethren. Yet, in the midst of this murmuring, in the midst of this sniper fire, if we look closely, we will see the ideal for the Church in our society today. We will see a Church that rises to the occasion and brings of its fruits into the storehouse. We will see a Church that beats “Uncle Sam” to the punch and takes care of its own, rather than relying on some governmental program. We will see a Church that ministers. As we will discover in this passage deacons play a vital role in that ministry.