Sermon Illustrations

Seeing The Rainbow From God’s Side

Some years ago it was my privilege to be one of the speakers in a state-wide Bible Conference held in Dallas, Texas. Inasmuch as I was conducting a revival meeting in Houston that same week, it was necessary for me to fly to and from the Dallas appointment.

My oldest daughter Nancy, at that time just four years old, had been visiting her aunt in Dallas and was quite anxious to fly back to Houston with her father.

Flying back we encountered a severe thunder storm over the town of Bryan. The pilot announced that he was going to take the plane to a higher altitude in order that the plane might fly above the storm. Soon we beheld the black clouds and darting lightening in the clouds beneath. Above us the sun was shining in all its glory, though quite hidden from the people in the city below us.

Soon we beheld a wondrous sight. A glorious rainbow stretching from horizon to horizon. It certainly was a spectacle to behold! Nancy was thrilled with what she saw. Her enthusiasm couldn’t be restrained any longer as she cried: “Daddy, daddy, look, it’s a rainbow, and we’re seeing it from the same side that God sees it from!”

I think everyone in that crowded airliner was struck with the realization that out of the mouth of a child had come forth wisdom. Then I thought, how very true! To the people below all they could vision was storm...

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