Sermon Illustrations

Col. 1:15-23

(Ill.) It is a very special glue not like those we have available to us:

1.There is a very simple glue that holds the little plastic toys that can be thrown against the wall. It sticks, but comes off so easy.

2.Then there is rubber cement it holds papers together, but allows them to be taken apart.

3.You might also think of Elmer’s glue you put two pieces of paper together and then pull them apart but the paper rips. But you can still pull them apart.

4.And then there is super glue. And it is even not as good as they say. I can say that from first hand experience. Sandra and I were in our first apartment – it supplied a refrigerator – an old refrigerator. And, as was bound to happen, it broke – not the compressor, not the door, not the seal. It was the little clip in the back of the fridge that holds the shelf in place. Now, I was smart and got some super glue to put it back together. I held for a while but eventually it broke again.

God holds us together far better than any human glue ever could.