3-Week Series: Double Blessing

Sermon Illustrations

(Ill.) It is a very special glue – not like those we have available to us:

1.There is a very simple glue that holds the little plastic toys that can be thrown against the wall. It sticks, but comes off so easy.

2.Then there is rubber cement – it holds papers together, but allows them to be taken apart.

3.You might also think of Elmer’s glue – you put two pieces of paper together and then pull them apart – but the paper rips. But you can still pull them apart.

4.And then there is super glue. And it is even not as good as they say. I can say that from first hand experience. Sandra and I were in our first apartment – it supplied a refrigerator – an old refrigerator. And, as was bound to happen, it broke – not the compressor, not the door, not the seal. It was the little clip in the back of the fridge that holds the shelf in place. Now, I was smart and got some super glue to put it back together. I held for a while – but eventually it broke again.

God never lets go of what is His.