Sermon Illustrations

I had never met Bill. The Highland County Hospital called me because he had requested a minister come to visit with him. Bill had apparently spent most of his life as an alcoholic, abusive, selfish, and terrible to everyone around him. Now, he was dying of lung cancer, and none of his family would even come to see him in the hospital. He couldn’t speak much at all as I talked to him. He knew he was going to die. He had questions about Jesus; questions about what he needed to do to be in a right relationship with God. I shared the story with Him about Jesus and how He had given His life, for all of us. He came to believe that Jesus was guiltless; that Jesus was King, and that he needed Jesus’ mercy. Bill said he wanted to be baptized into Jesus. He wanted His promise. So the hospital staff wheeled him, in his bed, with all that was hooked up to him, up to the water tank in the physical therapy room. There, he was lowered below the water and raised up a new person in Christ.