Sermon Illustrations

Wayne Cordeiro tells of a receptionist from his church who has found a “little slice of heaven on earth” around God’s people:

He found out she worked her “day job” six days a week, and volunteered to be a receptionist at the church building her one day off.

He says:

“Why do you come here and do this?” I asked.

“Being here is like a breath of fresh aire,” she replied.

“Don’t you want to take a day off?”

“This IS a day off,” she responded. “It fills my soul.”

He reflects:

“She feels valued. That is the kind of love we want to show. This love is not something we muster on our own; It comes from learning to recognize evidence of God’s presence. It is easy to look for evidence of God’s absence, but we focus on the opposite, because we know that people tend to see whatever they look for.” (Culture...

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