Sermon Illustrations

Ticket when going to train station-going 60 in 40 zone. I wanted to fight it! The radar was wrong. When was the last time they checked it? I had just come out from a stop sign and the road was uphill, how could I be going 60? Impossible! Good thing I was not close to the my church! Can you imagine, the pastor getting a ticket? Well, I might have been going a little fast. I left home a little late and I needed to get to the train station by 8:26 am to be at church and to help people!

2. I did not want to see one of those cars with the sirens and the lights on top. Don’t get me wrong! There are times, like last Thursday when Jacqui and I were driving into the parking lot and there was a fight! We were happy to see the patrol car. But, when I am in my car, and they are back there writing a ticket, I start thinking, why are they not going after criminals instead of giving a ticket to a poor pastor trying to get to her church? Just then it is hard for me to remember what my Dad told me about the police being there to protect me.