Sermon Illustrations

Illustration (from Dennis Rainey): Set out a “minefield of traps. I happen to have some animal traps – huge deadly-looking metal devices I inherited from my grandfather. Set them out all over the floor. Label them with things like “greed”, “lust”, “power”, “popularity”, and “Alcohol”. Demonstrate how dangerous they are by setting one off with a pencil, which will snap into pieces and go flying across the room. Pick a student who you don’t think will freak out and ask them to walk across the minefield. Just before they start, however, whip out a blindfold and tie it around their head.

Then, when the student hesitates, admit you are going to offer them some help. Someone who has been to the other side and can guide them through. Bring out their parent, who can talk them slowly though the minefield. If necessary, le the parent go and take their hand and lead them through.

If you don’t have traps, you can label some students and put them in chairs, but it isn’t nearly as impressive

The point is, your parents have been there before you. Listen to their voices – all they are trying to do is to help you avoid the traps. No matter how old you get, and no matter what path you walk, there’s always going to be someone who has been down it before you, who can give you good advice. Measure that advice against the bible – it may be God speaking to you through the body of believers.