Sermon Illustrations

9/11 Babies—5 years later. ABC News Diane Sawyer:

Showed a gathering of women who found themselves both pregnant then widowed when 9/11 came crashing down

Today, those babies look even more like the fathers they never met, but now they shoot questions like arrows: They want to know what happened to daddy.

When Holly O’Neill’s daughter asked her what happened to her father, O’Neill gave her a timeline.

"I sort of gave her a very simple chronology," she said.

"’When we came home, you were in my belly and we were both really excited and there were some bad men and they set afire to the building that your daddy worked in,’" O’Neill said she told her daughter. "He went to heaven that day along with a lot of other daddies and mommies."

one mother told her little one: “You are the kiss father left behind”

one girl said her daddy “lives with angels” in fact, he is “an angel fireman”

To have a loving and close-knit family is precious. To know daddy is in heaven is priceless (This story was taken from video clips and articles on the web. Did not cut and paste the addresses. sorry)