Sermon Illustrations

You see, our presence is really the best way to reveal our love. (Don’t worry, kids, I’m not encouraging your parents to boycott presents, but I do want to make a point.) And I can say this from experience, for when I was a kid our home was burglarized just before Christmas one year. Man, was I bummed! When we walked in that afternoon and found drawers flung open and mattresses flipped over, as well as most of the presents gone, I was sure the Grinch was a real person who lived in Chattanooga, Tennessee. And he stole my Christmas. But good, ole’ dad came to the rescue and saved the Yule Tide season that year by taking us out and having “Christmas in a cart.” Yep, we strolled along as a family – together – and he re-bought some of things he and mom had originally purchased for us. Was it as traditional? As picturesque? As much? Probably not. But it was more meaningful, for it suddenly became more about their presence than their presents.