Sermon Illustrations

One other Christmas my sister did something rather strange. Thankfully we didn’t have ham or sharp knives anymore. We had all finished opening presents, everybody had loaded them in their cars and we were all visiting in the living room with coffee or punch.

The Fryrear family got up to leave, yes, that was their name. Everybody hugged, kissed, and they headed out the door for home. To this day we don’t know what was said or by whom, but 30 minutes later a car door opened, closed, and tires pealed out.

We went out front and on the lawn were all the presents that we had given them. A note was attached that said they didn’t want anything from us, ever again. They had returned our gifts and refused to accept them.

I realize this sounds simple but in order for some one to give a gift it must be accepted. If you don’t accept it you will never know what it is and you will never be able to use it. God is giving us a gift. A gift is free, we don’t have to earn or work for it.