Sermon Illustrations

Collin Thacher killed his wife. She had the nerve to leave him and he was a man who’s father was the primure of Sask. Collin was addicted to power. So he had her killed. Then he got Jesus because he thought that jesus would get him out of prison after all didn’t Jesus open the prisons for Paul. Why not him after all he was a very important and powerful man. Helmut Bauxbaum attempted to have his wife killed. He was the owner of many nursing homes and he was a leader in this church and he loved to be noticed. His wife was old and not very beautiful and she threaten to expose him as a cheat. No one could do that to Helmut. Helmut loved to have Youth into this home to show it off. His indoor pool was about the size of this church. His family room with a huge fire place was about half the size of this building. He liked power. I believe that most power people like Jesus because he offers then power and power leads to money. We today have the teachers who tell us that if we give 5 dollars to the Lord he will give us 500 in return. Never worked for me but lots of people are attarted to that kind of thing. Judas was not the only one some of you may be attacted to his power and if you are then you are in grave danger.